A Rant About Conspiracy Theories And Child Abuse

*Mentions of child abuse, conspiracy theories, and childhood trauma.* As the pandemic rips its way through the US, riddled with protests against police brutality and systemic racism, we have seen how passionate the people are about the social issues that they believe in. I applaud the bravery and fortitude of protestors demanding justice for victims [...]

7 Years

Artist Twitter: weabooroll Sunday was my 7 year wedding anniversary. While my actual wedding photo is not as cool as this commissioned work I had made to be a gift to my husband, I think we did pretty ok in real life. It’s been an adventure and a half. We are very different people. Our [...]

Some Thoughts on Photography

Does anyone remember that trend a while ago, when people would go into craft stores and take portrait photos of themselves with the silk flowers? I’m sure the retail workers enjoyed that one. While I myself did not take any selfies with the overly expensive variety of undead flora, I did have the idea to [...]