My first post is inspired by a migraine. I’ve spent the last three days outlining and making lists, planning a great first blog post. But then I ended up here with a splitting headache.

Where, you hopefully ask? Why, Larry and Penny Thompson park. What’s geeky about a park, you again ask (I assume). Well what isn’t geeky about a park? Especially this one. Government protected land, filled with plants and trees that are not only unique to this specific habitat, but animals that call it home. Including some prehistoric species!

I actually did want to write about this park and it’s history at a later date, but today it seemed like fate. I couldn’t drive and needed to stop, and i was right next to the park entrance. The park is smack dab in the middle of a residential area. On the other side is the Miami Zoo (formerly Metro Zoo).

 It’s a bright and absolutely gorgeous day. The breeze is blowing, shooing away mosquitos and cooling off those unfortunate enough to be stuck out in 92 degrees of humidity with a 10% chance of rain. Personally I can always tell how hot it’s going to be with how beautiful the sky is. I’m surrounded by the call of birds and insects. It is a  sanctuary for wildlife, and their cries almost manage to cover up the sounds of traffic from outside. But it still manages to be a resplendently peaceful place.

That bright clear blue always means a sweat bath. Gauranteed. 

I want to go more in depth about the park and it’s history, but I still have a horrendous migraine. It’s taken me way too long to write this! I hope you’ve at least enjoyed the photos. Until next time.

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