A new path

I’ve been spending a lot of time at Larry and Penny Thompson park after deciding to start this blog. My idea for a general blog about my nerdy life quickly turned into something much more. It has encouraged me to reconnect with nature. And in doing so, I have found a sense of health and freedom from my almost daily visits to this particular park. 

Life flourishes here in an awe inspiring way. Everything looks so calm and green, until you look a little closer. The pine rock land forests here are unlike any other habitat in the world. It’s like walking back in time 45 million years. The plants and trees are unchanged here since the time of the dinosaurs. Singular animal species call this place home. I always hear the constant call of robins and blue birds. Large winged birds soaring above the tree tops in a setting of some of the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen. Lizards, stray cats, and the loudest insects I’ve ever heard in my life! 

There’s nothing graceful about this land. It is a mess of scrubby looking palms, fluffy topped Florida pine, and large rooted trees. Each one having gone through a baptism of literal fire at least once in their lives. There was a fire a few weeks back and the black scorch marks are still visible on these thriving and living trees. 

There’s a mango grove at the entrance I am not allowed to approach (I’m deathly allergic to mango tree sap) which my husband affectionately calls the ‘field of death.’ I did brave it once to take pictures of beautifully knotted and hurricane damaged trees that had flourished. I would like to avoid that experience again in the future. Hives are not my friend. 

I find myself at the park again, preparing to limp my way down one of the nature trails. It’s been raining and gray for a week. Today is the first sign of real sun. I don’t want to waste the light. I’ll post more about the park when I have more information than my own. See you later 😉

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