Put in a little work

I felt better in the last few days and put a little work in for my online store.

I'm one of those people that needs to do something all the time or they go crazy. So my husband encouraged me to put my DIY skills to good use and try my hand at a little online business. I've had it for a little over a year, and while I love the crafting part of it, the money making hasn't been all that great. Of course, the usual way of opening a business is by investing money into it first. I did not have that luxury!

But it's been helpful for me mentally at least. Having something to do is helpful when you live out in the country and have to be home alone a lot. And when I do get an order, it makes me really excited. A trip to the post office is the highlight of my week because it's right next to the nearest Wendy's and I can get a small chocolate Frosty with my earnings as a treat. It's a good thing I don't get that many orders! Though if I do think about it, I'd like to be able to afford the medium sized Frosty 😂

I make bath bombs and wax melts. All hand mixed and hand poured. Since my hands are now weaker and tend to shake, I've had to modify my recipes and change my molds, but that's been an adventure in itself. And having unique items is good. You stand out from everyone else. I mean, that's what I tell myself. I have yet to sell anything from my new line. They just posted last night.

Honeycomb bath bombs made with moisturizing oils and vegan glitter.

Poison Pie Cauldron bath bomb

Rose Petal bath bombs

I actually have plans for more wax pouring, but I have to recover from my bath bombs first. I really overdid it. Degenerative disc disease isn't conducive to packing and pressing bath bombs. I feel like an old woman of 90. Like one of those old crones from a Disney movie. If only I ad the magic to go with it. I'd make the brooms do all the work. *sigh*

Here are my Sailor Moon clamshell tarts. I use parasoy wax, which holds scent longer than soy wax alone. It last for about ten hours. And it can be re-melted. I'm rather proud of these, actually. They took a lot of work, and I suffered for it after the fact. But they're so pretty, so I don't care. 😉

I still have to do my Halloween, Autumn, and Christmas wax. Hopefully it won't kill me. Having a business where you have to keep up with a schedule, while being sick, and being the only employee/worker is not easy. Maybe I can get my husband to do it… or maybe I'll just pretend I'm 16 again and have no idea what pain is. I'm sure my doctors will understand. Maybe.

Here's my site if you want to check it out. It's pretty sparse at the moment.

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