Long Time, No See

So much has happened since the last time I wrote a blog post! We had a hurricane that knocked out our power for eleven days, and our phone and internet for almost a month. And since we live in the Florida Redlands, we had no easy access to cell service and had to drive into civilization to find wifi signal. I have some really awesome\depressing pictures of the damage that hurricane Maria did to our area. But I’m sorry, I deleted the ones my husband took of me washing my hair in a bucket. A lady has to reserve some sense of dignity. The hurricane damaged our AC, so we actually had no air for several weeks until we were able to replace it. The temperature has been a solid 100 degrees Fahrenheit until recently when it went down to sixty for three day and back up into the eighties. In fact the photo of the black cat next to the big shop fan is my poor cat trying to cool off with the only form of AC we had post hurricane, thanks to our generator. Which we had to buy to replace the other generator, which exploded when we tried to turn it on and almost caused a massive fire. Ah, hurricanes. May I never have to live through another again.

My second bit of news is that I got my much dreaded brain surgery! I’m actually in the third week of my ‘convalescence.’ I have nine more to go. The last two weeks have been a work in patience for me. I am not accustomed to being unable to do things on my own, even with my original chronic illness. I’m stubborn that way. To be told that I can’t even lift a frying pan to make my own breakfast is ANNOYING. But forgetting that you can’t move your head to look at something, or someone is frustratingly painful, especially as you are walking. The sudden pain is shocking and nausea inducing, but it’s not socially acceptable to spontaneously throw up on the floor of your local Best Buy. So you figure it out. I’m happy to say I feel much better, and I have gotten some movement back in the muscles of my neck. I won’t be doing any neck related gymnastics any time soon, but I don’t want to automatically die from thoughtlessly looking over my shoulder, and that is a vast improvement. I may be able to drive soon, which is great.


I have to go, this was just a small recap of what’s been going on while I was gone. I promise to write about hurricane Maria and my surgery at length later in more posts. Until then, stay cool. Or warm, depending on where you are!

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