Getting on With it

The past week or so has been a lot of work. Between setting up online bases for my business, getting all the paperwork together, handling life stuff, and actually getting into the rhythm of working again, I’ve lost so much time!

Here’s my website:

And you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram at Kiki’s Photography Service.

I try to post new photos daily, as well as keeping an updated schedule. I will be going to Florida Supercon next month on the 13th, and have a special photography package set up on my website for anyone who wants some pictures done. There’s also an even in October that I’m thinking of going to, but I have to see what my schedule looks like first. I’ve been busy with my camera, as well. Soon I should have a personal collection of photos up for sale.

I’m super motivated and excited with the new direction my life has taken. Please feel free to follow me on social media and share my work. I’m hoping to make this my new career, and I think I can do it!

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