Soap Tutorial Video: Candy Corn Cupcakes

Here is my YouTube video for my tutorial on how to make candy corn cupcake soap! Most of the ingredients I used are found at The molds you can get off of eBay or Amazon. And sells a really nice version of candy corn scent. You can buy melt and pour base at your local Michael’s, as well as soap color and scent. But to get the vibrant colors I prefer, I use mica. It also doubles as a great biodegradable glitter!

It’s also perfectly fine to use this tutorial and mix up the colors and the scents to whatever you want it to look like! Don’t hold your creativity back! Make it four different shades of green, and add sour apple fragrance to it. Whatever you want. You are only limited by the choices of colors you can buy and your pocketbook. Have fun and be safe.

Item list with link:

Poop Emoji Mold

Cupcake Molds

White Base Melt and Pour Soap

Purple Vibrance Mica

Orange Vibrance Mica

Firefly Mica (yellow)

Candy Corn Fragrance Oil

I make my videos for friends, and people who want to learn how to make fun DIY projects, but might feel intimidated. I’ve been doing this for over a decade, but even I still mess up! There is no judgment here, just lots of creativity and some basic safety measures. Remember this stuff is hot!

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