Kiki Cooks! Nuka Cola (sugar free) DIY Video

Here I present the first video in a series where I make video game and geeky foods!

I had originally intended to make the recipe for Nuka Cola contained in the official Fallout cookbook published by Bethesda. I thought it would be a great way to start off my series, with a signature drink every gamer instantly recognizes. But upon reading the ingredients, I realized that both my husband and myself would both die of a diabetic coma three sips into the finished product. And as much as I’d like to stay authentic to the vision of the actual game makers, I don’t have a respawn point IRL.

So I hit the internet in hopes that I would find something I could modify, and I’m happy to say I did. Not only for the basic recipe of Nuka Cola, but an entire list of every variation I could ever dream of.

Nuka Cola Recipes

Please check out the link for all the recipes!

With this basic recipe (which also ended up being loads cheaper than the one in the cookbook), I was able to come up with a more diabetic friendly version of Nuka Cola, which my husband inhaled in a few short days.

A couple of words of warning, though. The bubbles don’t last long so don’t plan on making a large batch of this. It doesn’t have a very strong flavor, but the finish is sweet and creamy. Overall, the blend is pretty tasty!

I also had fun making a special Nuka Cola tumbler using my Cricut, and I included it in this video. The label is not my original design, just something I found on Google.

So here’s the video, and I hope you enjoy it!

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