Thoughts on a Memoir

How does someone write the story of their lives? Some seem to do it easily with very little help, while others are rendered silent with no way to form the words needed to convey their experience to others. And then there's me. Firmly stuck in between. I have the words, and moments I have written [...]



So, how do you do SOMETHING when the world around you is on fire and your brain is literally trying to escape? My camera isn't going to help me. I'm not a photojournalist. I'd never be able to keep up if I tried. And regurgitating what I read doesn't feel helpful to me because I'm [...]

An update on life

Long post; be warned! For anyone who has read my previous blogs posts before, you know that I have anxiety and depression stemming from a pretty traumatic childhood, and exacerbated by a pretty shitty adulthood. Last year my depression and anxiety battered me pretty badly after finally seeing a specialist for my Chiari Malformation. Between [...]